Monday, November 15, 2021

Meet Us Monday - Lori Northrup


Of all the resources the Samford University Library makes available to its users, among our most important and valuable are our people! Our #MeetUsMonday series offers a weekly glimpse behind the scenes by spotlighting the various people who work tirelessly every day to proactively support the University's mission by providing scholarly resources, research and information services, a welcoming environment, and collaborative alliances to promote learning and teaching.

Lori Northrup
Associate Dean, Samford University Library
Chair, Collection Management

Liaison Librarian for:
Howard College of Arts & Sciences
(Classics, World Languages & Cultures)
McWhorter School of Pharmacy
School of Public Health
(Health Informatics & Information Management, Healthcare Administration, Nutrition & Dietetics)

Masters of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama
BA English and French, Troy University
Joined Samford in 2002

  • What do you like best about working here in the library? I enjoy knowing that the work I do helps others in their pursuit of knowledge. The kind of work I do - teaching, resource selection and evaluation, interlibrary loan, and assessment - all this detail-oriented work also appeals to me personally.

  • What do you do on your commute to and from Samford? I usually listen to music while concentrating on my driving. My commute from Pelham is still rather new to me, and I find the interstate traffic daunting sometimes.

  • If you didn't work here in the library, what and/or where would you like to be doing? I would like to be a professional student, but with no assignments and no grades. I'd love to spend more time reading and learning more about languages while traveling the world.  

  • What are some of your interests outside of work? Reading, travel and all the fun foods that includes, time with my husband Jeff and our kitty Wally, hiking, working out, and sometimes cooking. Not necessarily in that order.  :) 

  • What is your favorite book? Well that is a ridiculous question! But today I would say Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

  • Who is your favorite author? Charles Dickens. Yes, I know there are issues, but I find him delightful.  

  • Do you have any favorite podcasts? Hidden Brain, Don't Ask Tig, and Fitness and Sushi are some I like.

  • Who is one of your heroes and why? Shelley Douglas, longtime peace activist and now-retired host of Mary's House Catholic Worker here in Birmingham, is one of my heroes. Shelley inspires me to be a better person; I see in her the Christian I'd dare to be if I were that better person. She and her husband Jim are awesome.  

  • What’s the one thing people likely don’t know about you, but should? Warning: I'm a hugger.