Monday, November 22, 2021

"Ask Us" Library Poll - Thanksgiving Traditions


The Thanksgiving holidays are upon us, and while things are still not fully back to normal many of us are planning to enjoy the time off with friends and family once again.

We asked our library family, "what's a Thanksgiving tradition that you're really looking forward to this year -- especially if it's one you didn't get to enjoy last year?"  Here's what they said:

“I'm just looking forward to being with family. :)”

“Seeing extended family at the Cracker Barrel in Oxford, Alabama.”

“Playing cards with family.  We are very competitive!”

“Watching the Egg Bowl. Go Ole Miss!”

“Being with family.”

“I enjoy having a chill Thanksgiving, so honestly I'd like to keep celebrating it with just my immediate family.”

“Sitting down with the whole family for a big meal of favorites.”

“Being with My Whole Family.”


“Being with friends and family.”

“Cooking some of my Grandmother's recipes since she is no longer with us.”

“Going to my in-law's and watching The Muppet Christmas Carol.”

“Attending an arts event (like the symphony, art exhibit, etc) the day after Thanksgiving.”

“Getting together with the family and enjoying the company.”

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions you're really looking to this year?  We'd love to hear about them as well!  Let us know via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram -- and we hope you get to enjoy them all during the holiday weekend!

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