Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"Ask Us" Library Poll - Thanksgiving Favorites


As the Thanksgiving holiday creeps ever closer, many of us are already hard at work in the kitchen preparing the dishes for the holiday feast.  Some dishes may be year-round favorites, others may be dishes that are only made for holidays or other special occasions, and still others may be tried for the very first time ever -- in which case we wish those fixing them for the first time the best of luck getting the recipe 'just right!'

We asked our library family, "what's the one thing you're especially looking forward to enjoying at your Thanksgiving meal this year?"  Here's what they said:

“My mom's Sweet Potato Casserole.”

“Broccoli and cheese casserole.”

“Green bean casserole.”

“Deviled eggs.”

“Sweet potato casserole. The kind with the brown sugar topping and finely chopped pecans.”

“Mama's dressing.”

“Cornbread Dressing.”

“Rather than looking forward, I miss my mother's sauerkraut made with finely diced onions butter sautéed and sliced Hillshire Polska Kielbasa. It had to be Hillshire in her sauerkraut and it was only made for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

“All the desserts count as one thing, right?”

“All of it!”

“Pumpkin Pie!!! My husband doesn't love it so we didn't have one for our quarantine Thanksgiving.”

“Butternut squash with brown sugar.”

“My mom's chicken casserole.”

What part of the Thanksgiving meal are you most looking forward to enjoying?  We'd love to hear about them!  Let us know via TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

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