Friday, May 29, 2015

Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research to Relocate in 2017

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Samford University has announced that the Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) will relocate after the June 2016 institute. The university is working with the IGHR advisory board and other organizations to find a suitable host.
The growth in Samford’s academic programming has resulted in demands on necessary resources that exceed the university’s ability to meet both programs’ requirements for a quality experience for all parties, according to Kimmetha Herndon, dean of Samford University’s Library. The Institute traditionally has been held in June, and that date did not compete with other workshops and conferences held across the U.S. throughout the year. Alternative dates to host the Institute were not available because of the university’s expanded year-round academic programming. This year’s IGHR workshop is June 7-12.
“June has become an increasingly busy month on the Samford campus. Institutional priorities for academic programming, summer academic camps and a growing number of new student orientation sessions increased the demand on classroom, residence hall, dining and other auxiliary resources,” Herndon said. “For several years now, we have had to make adjustments in the IGHR schedule and programming to try to meet the institute’s programming needs within the available space and resources of the university.”
The goal is to provide the best learning atmosphere possible for IGHR attendees. “The institute has been operating at capacity for several years, and we have reached the point where our campus no longer can provide the high quality experience that our attendees deserve and the university desires,” Herndon added.
The decision was not an easy one, Herndon explained, and university officials have worked for two years to find viable solutions or alternative dates. Herndon and the university library staff are working with the IGHR advisory board to identify alternative hosts, including other locations in Birmingham and across the South.
Herndon said Samford will continue to promote IGHR. The Samford library staff and IGHR advisory board will seek to keep the Institute and workshop in the South and to promote the historic collections in Alabama and the Southeast.
Herndon and several board members noted that the potential move could enable IGHR to serve more genealogists and to offer a more comprehensive curriculum.
The Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research dates to 1962, and it became a week-long event in 1965. Although the format and schedule have changed through the years, Herndon noted, the Institute has sought to “instruct genealogical researchers in the art of detailed historical research beyond knowing who their ancestors were to the deeper understanding of the times and places in which their families lived.”
It is because of that long history that Samford is committed to identifying a possible new host campus or facility for the Institute, she added.
“We are fortunate that there are a number of institutions and organizations across the South who could be strong partners with the Institute,” Herndon said. “Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for those who have come to rely on the Institute as a source for their genealogical research education needs. We want IGHR to continue to thrive, and we anticipate being able to continue this strong tradition in support of the mission of IGHR.”

Friday, May 22, 2015

Library closed for Memorial Day Holiday

The Davis Library will be closed on Monday, May 25th, in observance of Memorial Day.  

We will re-open Tuesday, May 26th, at 8:00am.

Have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!

Cover of "We Love America," published by Alabama native Hester Wulffaert, which was later adopted as the theme song for the American Legion of Alabama.  Read more about it here, in the Treasure Chest: We Love America post by the University Special Collection.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Samford, we here at the library are concerned for you.

Real question, real answer. Can you see why we're worried?

We have observed your nervous expressions, your marathon study sessions, and your excessive caffeine consumption.

We are here to help.

Next week, dear students, we have many activities (beginning Sunday!) to ease your tension and replenish your vigor!

Super Fun One-Day Stuff:

Sunday, May 10th-- The Academic Success Center and the library team up to bring you tutors in a wide array of subjects-- they'll even help with your writing!  

Starts at 6pm in Rm. 233.

Did I mention that they're bringing coffee and other goodies?  Yep.  That's happening.

Monday, May 11th-- Steel City Pops.  
100 Free Pops to the first 100 students.
Ben Brown Plaza, 11am.

And, at 7pm in the library-- 
It's not just Goldfish Crackers, but we love those, right?
Make Your Own Trail Mix!
Sponsored by the Birmingham Chapter of the Parent's Association. The array of treats is staggering. 

Tuesday, May 12th-- Big Spoon Creamery.  
Put some ice cream on that stress.  
It'll help!   
Ben Brown Plaza, 11am. 

All Week Long:

Library Art Scavenger Hunt-  Find the art, turn it in at Circ, Win stuff.  Easy.  Also a great time for a quick study break, y'all!

Origami Table-  Next to the Circulation desk.  Instructions included.  Fold a crane, take a breather.

Surviving Finals Postcards-  If you address them and decorate them, we will mail them for you! Located at the blue table next to the front door.


Don't fret, Samford students! 

We've got plenty to distract you from your looming deadlines.

Stop by the library for studying AND fun.  And coffee and popsicles and ice cream and trail mix and crafts and stuff.

Just stop by the Library :).

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's that time again...

Classes are almost over, and finals are upon us.  Here are a few things to keep in mind over the next couple of weeks:
  • The Library has extended hours beginning Monday, May 4th, and for selected days through Wednesday, May 13th.  
    • We're open until 2am 5/4 through 5/7, and 5/10 through 5/13.
    • We're also open until 8pm next Friday and Saturday, 4/8 and 4/9.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings and remain mindful of your personal safety!
    • We do not have a closed campus, and often universities are targeted during the stress and hurry of the end of the semester.
    • Keep your belongings with you or in sight at all times.  Ask about additional safety measures at the Circulation desk.
    • Practice good personal safety awareness during late study hours.
    • Call Campus Safety at 726-2020 if you feel unsafe or to report suspicious persons or activities.
  • Take a short break every 30 minutes to an hour.  Stand up and take a walk.  Look away from your computer screen.  It will help you calm down, ease tension, and study more productively.
  • Get some sleep!  All-nighters might seem like the only solution, but they won't help you be your best during your finals.
We also have some great finals activities lined up for you, so stay tuned!