Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Bringing Back the Bulldogs

Earlier today, Samford University officially announced its plans to "Bring Back the Bulldogs" and resume on-campus, in-person classes and residential life for the Fall 2020 term.  These plans involving the library are as follows:

  • The Samford University Library will be opened only for enrolled students, faculty and staff. Visitors will not be permitted during the Fall semester.

  • The Samford University Library will observe university standards for traffic flow, circulation, signage, maximum capacity and social distancing. Maximum occupancy requirements will be implemented based on a minimum 6-foot separation between persons. Access and occupancy levels will be managed by card swipe when possible and furniture will be configured to accommodate 6-foot social distancing requirements.

  • To promote equitable access for all students and employees, the Samford University Library may implement a reservation system. Books may be reserved or checked out by phone or at the library website. Special Collection, microfiche and other areas requiring personal service by library employees will operate by appointment only.

  • Contactless transactions will be available for many services such as photocopy equipment and check-outs. Sanitization of high touch surfaces will occur at least twice daily and employees and students will be equipped with disinfectant wipes to sanitize after use of spaces. Returned books will be allowed to “cure” in accordance with National Library standards before being returned to stacks.

For more information about the university's overall re-opening plans, please visit the Samford Bring Back the Bulldogs website.

At the time of this post we do not yet know what our operating hours will be once we re-open.  In the meantime, we still have our online guide that can help you contact library departments, conduct research, find instructional support, and ask for help from librarians.  You can access this guide by clicking here.

We will continue to share updates through our social media accounts as they become available:
We look forward to resuming our on-campus operations in the fall.  In the meantime, stay safe everyone!