Friday, July 19, 2013

A Baptist History Show and Tell for Alabama Churches

 Since January of this year, the Special Collection department has hosted over 290 people from 20 different churches as a part of special tours offered through the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission. Church groups from all over Alabama travel to visit Samford University and their first stop is usually the Special Collection department.

As the repository for the Alabama Baptist State Convention, one of the primary missions of the Special Collection department at Samford is to preserve, protect, and provide access to materials relating to the history of Alabama Baptists. During these tours, Samford archivists offer visitors a unique opportunity to hear and see for themselves books, documents, and artifacts relating to Alabama Baptist and Samford University history.

Staff from The Alabama Baptist newspaper often visit during these tours to discuss the importance and history of The Alabama Baptist newspaper. In the photograph above, Dr. Bob Terry, president and editor of the newspaper, talks with one of the church groups.

Other stops on the tour include lunch at the university's cafeteria, Hodges Chapel, and the Global Center. For more information about these tours, please contact the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission.

Jennifer Taylor, Archivist, Samford University Library
Rachel Cohen, Archivist, Samford University Library