Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poetry from the Special Collection

While looking for an article last week to answer a patron's request, the Special Collection staff came across this poem published in the Howard Crimson. 

The poem gracefully illustrates that no matter what year college students are eating in the Caf, no one likes people who cut in line. Jim Summers, the author, wrote many other pieces of comic poetry that appeared in the Crimson through 1961 and 1962, but this was our favorite. 

Text and photograph contributed by Rachel Cohen of the Special Collection.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome Back for Spring Term!

The library hopes that everyone enjoyed their Jan terms, whether taking a class here, studying abroad, or committing yourself to impacting our world in all of the wonderful ways that make Samford students outstanding.

Now, back to business!

Here are some things you can do to be prepared for Spring in the Library:

In the Library:
  • Here's the library's website:
  • And here's where you can find our hours:
    • Our hours are subject to change during Midterms and Finals, when we usually stay open later to help you get more study time in.
  • To reserve a study room, for individual, group, or practicing a presentation, you'll need to check out the room from the Circulation desk. 
  • Ask Us!  You can find reference librarians on the 2nd floor of the library, and we are exited and available to help you. You can text us, tweet us, call us, drop by, or make an appointment.  Don't underestimate this valuable resource! 
All Campus:
  • When you're here in the library, or anywhere else on campus be mindful of your laptops and any other materials or devices.  Do not leave them unsecured!  We have an open campus, and thefts do happen. 
    • When you're in the library, we have cables available to check out for securing laptops.
  • If you have had something stolen, or feel threatened, or if you see suspicious activity, please, call Public Safety at 205-726, 2020.