Monday, September 14, 2015

Why do I have to sign in?

You're ready to get started with your research.  You visit the library's website--  You type your search in the handy box provided on the front page, and then, you see this:

Have you wondered why there's an extra step to get to all of the great, scholarly resources that you can find through the library?

It's because these resources are only for YOU- Samford Students and Faculty.  Not only that, but only current students, too.

Many of the resources that you can find through the library are behind a paywall.  This means that they are only available with a paid (often expensive) subscription to a database or individual journal.  

Ever used Google Scholar and gotten frustrated because of all of the articles that you couldn't simply click and read?  There's a good chance that we have access to them, or we can get them for you, because you have already paid for that access through the library.

This isn't the only reason you have to log in to use the library's databases.  It also helps us to know how we can best meet the needs of the Samford community.  We make yearly decisions about what resources to keep or get rid of, and how to best help you find what you're looking for, because you log in.  We are constantly striving to serve YOU better!

Some of our database access is provided for free to people in Alabama through the Alabama Virtual Library.  These databases are marked by a little AVL symbol next to them in the database list:

You can visit the Alabama Virtual Library at

And remember, if you have questions about what we do, why we do it, or how we do it, please don't hesitate to Ask Us!