Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday: C.S. Lewis Collection

CS. Lewis Collection

Through the gift and direction of a generous local donor, University Library has added 72 titles by and about C. S. Lewis since January 2012. The enhanced collections provide a complete catalog of novels, poems, theological and philosophical monographs, literary criticism, children's books, essays, and memoirs by this highly influential Christian scholar. The goals for the collection now include adding audio books and DVDs, a process that has already begun, as well as secondary works about Lewis. 

It's hard to overestimate the influence Lewis had and continues to have on generations of scholars and the public. His science fiction, children's literature, and devotional writings persist in popularity, while his scholarly works continue to be studied and analyzed. Derivative works such as movies and plays entice young audiences and lay the foundation of a generous and beautiful Christian theology. Lewis' prodigious body of work can be found throughout the library.

Help us celebrate C.S. Lewis and our other favorite authors by creating a collage inspired by YOUR favorite work! Just add it to Pinterest or Tweet using the hashtag #sulibrary (and be entered again in our daily drawings). 

This year National Library Week is all about how Communities matter @ your library. Gifts to the University Library provide valuable opportunities for enhancements to existing library resources and services. Developing and maintaining a scholarly library and center for learning now and in the future is a long-range enterprise that requires a wide base of support to ensure preservation of and access to key information resources for scholarship. The Samford University Library has been the beneficiary of many generous gifts through the years that have enabled it to provide additional key resources that significantly enhance our offerings that nurture persons learning and knowledge in direct support of the mission of the institution.
This week we highlight five gifts: ALFA Presentation Room; The Saint John's Bible, Heritage edition; The Pilgrim's Choice and other hymnals; C.S. Lewis and other fictional works; and the Hellenic Scholars' Library.

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