Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday: Hellenic Scholars' Library

The Hellenic Scholars' Library

Samford Classics professor Doug Clapp noted that although pride in Greek culture was exaggerated for comedic effect in the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "it is no stretch to say that we can trace our ideas, our ways of thinking, back to their ancient Greek origins through the writings of, among others, Homer, Plato and Paul." "By preserving a multitude of Greek voices," Clapp said, "the Hellenic Scholars Library can help a twenty-first century world maintain access to ancient wisdom that can help us thoughtfully consider our modern quandaries."

Since 2005 over 3,000 volumes have been donated to the collection. The Hellenic Scholars' Library is located on the lower level, adjacent to Special Collection. Materials are accessible through the Samford Libraries Catalog. 

Please join us Friday, 10:00am, for the reception.

This year National Library Week is all about how Communities matter @ your library. Gifts to the University Library provide valuable opportunities for enhancements to existing library resources and services. Developing and maintaining a scholarly library and center for learning now and in the future is a long-range enterprise that requires a wide base of support to ensure preservation of and access to key information resources for scholarship. The Samford University Library has been the beneficiary of many generous gifts through the years that have enabled it to provide additional key resources that significantly enhance our offerings that nurture persons learning and knowledge in direct support of the mission of the institution.
This week we highlight five gifts: ALFA Presentation Room; The Saint John's Bible, Heritage edition; The Pilgrim's Choice and other hymnals; C.S. Lewis and other fictional works; and the Hellenic Scholars' Library.

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