Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5th, 1841, S.S. Sherman accepts presidency of future Samford University

175 years ago today, Samuel Sterling Sherman accepted a leadership position for a new school founded in Marion, Alabama.  

Sherman's acceptance letter, p. 1

Sherman's acceptance letter, p.2

At that time, Sherman was 26 years old and studying under Basil Manly, President of The University of Alabama. 

Dr. Manly, his mentor, recommended to Sherman that he not take on the new school. He believed there would not be sufficient funding and the school would not last long. 

A young Samuel Sterling Sherman, first President of the future Samford University

However, Sherman was hopeful. He resigned his tutorship at The University of Alabama and committed himself to commanding the new enterprise. That school is what became Samford University.

To learn more about Sherman's acceptance letter and for a better look at the text, visit the Special Collection Treasure about the letter.

Thanks to Jennifer Taylor, Head of the University Archives and Special Collection for providing text and photographs.

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