Thursday, February 25, 2016

Campus Life in 1936

Aerial Photograph of the East Lake Campus, undated.

Today, Special Collection wanted to share some photos from 1936.

From 1884 until 1957, Howard College, now known as Samford University, was located on a property in the Birmingham area of East Lake. Known today as the East Lake Campus, it was home to the campus for over seventy years. 

One small collection of photographs (SCAV 929) the Special Collection does have is from 1936 illustrating major events on campus like the graduation, registration and stunt night. Unfortunately, many of these photographs are damaged. Even so, they offer a window into campus life in the 1930s.

Five female graduates from Howard College in regalia in 1936.
Students performing in Stunt Night, 1936.
Registration day at Howard College, 1936.
Graduation exercises in 1936.
Eleven female students pose for a photo on the grass in 1936.
Despite the long period of time that Howard College occupied East Lake, there are few photographs of the campus. In part due to the fact that there was not a campus photographer on staff.  So, the Special Collection is extra grateful to have these photos of campus activities in the 1930s.

Text and photographs are from Rachel Cohen in the Special Collection
Thanks, Rachel, for all of your work.  

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