Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome (back), Samford!

Everyone here at the Davis Library hopes that you had a wonderful summer!

We want your Fall Semester to be equally successful.

Here are some things to remember to get back into the swing of things.

In the Library:

  • Here's the library's website:

  • To reserve a study room, for individual, group, or practicing a presentation, you'll need to check out the room from the Circulation desk. 

  • All Campus:

    Whether you're here in the library, or anywhere else on campus, be mindful of your laptops and any other materials or devices.  Do not leave them unsecured!  We have an open campus, and thefts do happen. 

    When you're in the library, we have cables available to check out for securing laptops.

    If you have had something stolen, or feel threatened, or if you see suspicious activity, please, call Public Safety at 205-726, 2020.  

    You can visit their webpage here for more information:

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