Thursday, November 8, 2007


The University Library is currently hosting an exhibition of the photography of Charles Patrick Dagg. Mr. Dagg began to study photography during the years he worked as a zoologist in the Department of Biology at UAB. He subsequently went on to teach photography in Special Studies at UAB.

He describes his work this way: "As a zoologist, my world contains great amounts of messiness, but [my] images appeared to indicate a wish to create order in a disorderly world...all these 'rules of photography' are just notions, not commandments...terms like 'messiness and 'disorder' are pejoratives, so why not be positive and consider another biological concept: Diversity? That's where I presently stand, using both concepts."

The majority of the works on display are gelatin silver prints or tinted gelatin silver prints. We invite and encourage you to visit the library and view these works.

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