Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meet Goodwin!

You may have noticed a familiar face popping up in photos in unexpected places around campus.  We'd like to officially introduce you to Goodwin, our nickname for the familiar face atop the bust of Major Harwell Goodwin Davis, sixteenth president of Howard College, the library's namesake, and owner of a lucky nose.

Goodwin was chosen by the faculty to represent the library at school-related functions and events.  You never know where he'll pop up!

Follow Goodwin on Twitter @Goodwin4Samford (, keep an eye out for him on the library's 
Facebook page (, 
and look out for him on our Instagram ( and beyond!  

Join us in welcoming Goodwin to the library family!
Goodwin at Ben Brown Plaza on the first day of fall semester

Goodwin couldn't miss opening convo

He made a trip to the Alamo last week...

On his way to represent us at a genealogy conference! 

Goodwin even stopped by our birthday party for John Howard yesterday!

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