Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Look Back: the first 30 years of Samford football, 1902-1932

The Howard College 1903 football team.

The first official Howard College football team was formed in 1902. This, however, is the second official team of 1903. Very little is known about the team or the season. Our 1902 football team was featured in a Special Collection Treasure Chest in 2005

The 1909 varsity football team from the inaugural issue of the Entre Nous.

In the 1909-1910 school year, the varsity team played eight games, winning five, losing three and tying one. Richard M. Denny was the captain of the team that year and Dr. J.B Longwell was the coach of the varsity team while J.C. Watson coached the scrub team. 

The 1919 Howard College football team.
Ten years later, 1919 season football team played ten games and won five of them. During the two years prior to 1919, the football team lacked a coach, but Coach Dillon was hired for the 1919 season.  
The 1927 football team.
The 1927 season began on September 25th. The Bulldogs brought home five wins, two ties and two loses.  
The 1932 varsity Howard College football team.
In 1932 season, the football team played nine games and won only three of their games. On October 29th, when the Bulldogs played against the Southwestern’s Lynx in Memphis, they won by one point and a fight broke out, described colorfully in the Entre Nous, as a “free-for-all in which Memphis fans co-starred.”

Clearly, there were some rowdy crowds at those games in the 1930s. 

Next week, there will be more football images from the later 1930s until football ceased on campus in 1974, though it would be back.

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