Thursday, May 8, 2014


Samford, we here at the library are concerned for you.
Students: y'all gotta calm down.
We have observed your nervous expressions, your marathon study sessions, and your excessive caffeine consumption.
We are here to help.
Next week, dear students, we have many activities, some even beginning Friday, to ease your tension and revive your vigor!

Super Fun One-Day Stuff:

Monday, May 12th-- Steel City Pops.  

100 Free Pops to the first 100 students. Ben Brown Plaza, 11am. 

Tuesday, May 13th-- Melt Truck.  
Melty, Cheesy goodness.   
Ben Brown Plaza, 11am. 

Wednesday, May 14th-- Cake for Gov Docs birthday.  
First floor of the library.  Cake.  10am.

All Week Long:

Library Art Scavenger Hunt-  Find the art, turn it in at Circ, Win stuff.  Easy.  Also a great time for a quick study break, y'all!

Origami Table-  Next to the Circulation desk.  Instructions included.  Fold a crane, take a breather.

Surviving Finals Postcards-  If you address them and decorate them, we will mail them for you! Located at the blue table next to the front door.


Don't fret, Samford students! We've got plenty of fun to distract you from your looming deadlines.

Stop by the library for studying AND fun.  And popsicles and grilled cheese and cake and crafts and stuff.

Just stop by the Library :).

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