Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Voice: From Documents to Documentary

Scenes in a film require so much thought and preparation.  There is a script, characters, and locale for the story. Each facet is made up of many smaller parts.

Another Voice, the documentary focusing on the Samford Crimson, Randall Williams, its editor (1972), censorship issues, and the subsequent publication of an alternative newspaper, Another Voice. Jon Clemmensen, professor in Samford’s JMCC department directed and produced this documentary.  With a cast of several and the work of many, the documentary was premiered at” Live at the Library” on Saturday October 13, 2012 for Homecoming.

The making of the film took over a semester and the original photographs, records and manuscripts that were shown in the film as well as those materials used to form and document the story are a part of the Archives of Samford University.  The Archives houses these and so many other treasures of the University. Located on the Lower Level of the University Library, the 1958 Bulldog mascot, Entre Nous (1909/10 to present, and many online), catalogs (1845 to present), scrapbooks, and writings of students and faculty come together  to form the Howard College/Samford university Archives, a major part of Special Collection.

Open Monday through Friday, 9-5.  Come on down to see us.

Especially come to visit on Wednesday, October 31, 1-3 to the Open House, featuring many of the treasures of Special Collection, several historical figures, and light, seasonal refreshments!!!!

Liz Wells, Chair
Special Collection and Archives

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