Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Thanks to Lori Northrup for providing the material for this posting.

I hope that heading got your attention. What term works better, do you think?" "Freebies? Or "database trials?"

Whatever your preference, we're glad you're reading this, because the University Library is hosting many trials at the moment, and we’d love your feedback. On our database trials page at, you’ll find collections of ebooks, article databases, image databases, databases of films and music, and more! There’s a tab on the page that links to surveys about each product.

There is a survey for each trial. The surveys are short. We are genuinely interested in your feedback and would really appreciate hearing from you. Let us know what you think of these resources, especially as they relate to your respective disciplines.

Getting your feedback helps us to be better informed as we search for resources that will meet your needs and those of our students. Thank you for your assistance.

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