Wednesday, February 2, 2011


February is Black History Month, and it's just as well that the event spans an entire month, because we have a lot to cover. The Civil Rights Movement is just one element, and a central one to be sure. We will also be posting material covering the visual and performing arts, science, medicine, and political & public life.

This item was provided by the Internet Scout Project:

"American RadioWorks is always looking for compelling topics to explore, and this recent radio documentary looks into the role that certain groups of white people played in combating the civil rights movement in Mississippi. Here visitors can listen to the complete program, or take a look at some of the separate sections, which include 'The March Backward' and 'The Citizens' Council.' The program includes interviews and commentary from a wide range of persons, and there is particularly good coverage of one well-known race riot at the University of Mississippi and the Citizens' Council, whose goal was to maintain white supremacy. The site is rounded out by a selection of links and resources and social media buttons designed to allow users to share the program with others."

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