Friday, September 17, 2010


Today's post offers a link that is not related specifically to libraries, but rather, to general quality of life (in my opinion). Many, or perhaps most of you are familiar with the online streaming radio service called "Pandora" ( With Pandora, you can enter a term, such as "ambient" (my favorite), or the names of particular artists, such as Ravi Shankar or Brian Eno (other favorites), and listen to a stream of music related to your chosen theme or artists.

My latest favorite online listening service is called "StereoMood." It allows you to listen to music based on--as the name indicates--your state of mind or current activity. Your choices are very wide-ranging, and include "beach party," "asleep on my feet," "cleaning," "relax" and "groovy." (I am a big fan of "trippy.")

One of the things I enjoy most about this online streaming service is the variety of new music it has introduced to me--titles and artists I probably would have never discovered.

Many people enjoy working or studying to some kind of background music, and I won't venture into the debate about that, although I do some of my best work in coffee shops and really love ambient music--lyric free for work purposes. If you're looking for a new source of interesting music organized in a really unique and creative way, check out StereoMood.

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