Monday, January 12, 2009


Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries – the shopping season is never over! And you never need a special occasion to shop for books. Online shopping puts you just a click away from some great gift ideas for both yourself and others. As you shop in 2009, make sure that your dollars are supporting your library. When you shop at our listed online retailers, the University Library gets money; it’s just that simple.

So, please keep our program in mind when you shop online. As a reminder, for the library to receive credit for your purchases, you must click on a store’s link from this page:

You can also get to this page from the library’s home page, click “About SU Library,” then choose “Support SU Library.”

In case you haven’t visited the page recently, there are now eight online bookstores in the program:

Barnes & Noble
Books A Million
Family Christian Stores
Simply Audiobooks

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