Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vineyard Family Services benefits from Davis Library Book Fair

You may remember that, back in April, the Davis Library hosted a Book Fair in conjunction with the Books are Fun company.

One of the great things about Books are Fun is that 10% of the pre-tax proceeds from the Book Fair went to benefit the charity of our choice!  

The staff and faculty of the library got together and chose Backpack Buddies as a cause worthy of our support.  Backpack Buddies is a program where food is distributed to students who likely only get to eat regularly through school lunch and breakfast programs, and who probably would otherwise go hungry on the weekends away from school.  The food is given out discretely so that students can store the food in their backpacks to take home for the weekend and do not appear to be the recipients of charity.  

Locally, Backpack Buddies is managed by Vineyard Family Services, and they distribute food to over 600 elementary and middle-school students.  They are "a faith-based agency that works to decrease the effects of father absence by feeding kids in need, promoting responsible fatherhood & aiding families in crisis."

Today we were finally able to contribute our donation from the book fair to this worthy organization.  We encourage you to visit their Facebook page and find out more about how you can help.

Ward Williams, Director of VFS, accepts our donation.

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