Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Look Back: Samford Campuses Through Time

As we get ready for a new year on campus, the Special Collection wanted to share some photos of our campuses in the past. We’ve had three campuses. The first was in Marion, Alabama. The second was in the East Lake area of Birmingham, Alabama. We are now located in Homewood, just outside the city of Birmingham.  

Howard College began classes in Marion, Alabama in 1842. The earliest photo of campus housed in the Special Collection dates from 1870. It is generally believed that the buildings featured in this photo are the chapel, the dormitory and the cookhouse. The chapel still stands today on the Marion Military Institute’s campus in Marion, Alabama. 

Howard College campus in Marion, Alabama circa 1870. 

This aerial photo of the East Lake campus shows the major buildings of the time. Howard College moved to the East Lake campus in 1887. In the center, there is the Main Building. The campus was located close to downtown Birmingham and very little of it stands today. 

Howard College campus in East Lake in Birmingham, Alabama circa 1950. 

Lastly, here is a photo from the late 1950s showing the campus in Homewood as it was just opening. The library can be found in the center of the photo. Samford Hall is to the left. The rest of the campus remains largely under construction in this image. 

Samford University campus in Homewood, AL circa 1957. (Flickr:
Text and photographs provided by Rachel Cohen of the Special Collection.

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