Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Look Back: A Library for Students

As the school year has ended, the University Library on Samford’s campus is largely empty. Summer classes have yet to start, so only a few students remain on campus.

Since the hustle and bustle of studying students is missed by the librarians, the Special Collection thought this would be a wonderful chance to show off photographs of studying students in days past. 

All of these photos are from the interior of the University Library and, though undated, we believe most are from between 1960 and 1980. 

All were taken by Lew Arnold, the campus photographer at the time. 

We hope you enjoy this look back at students being studious in the library.  We do miss you when you're not around!

Text and Photographs contributed by Rachel Cohen of the Special Collection.

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Elaine said...

That's Suzanne Stigler in the argyle sweater, Circa 1982