Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Look Back: Howard College as Hospital

Prescription Books for Howard College as Civil War Hospital
During the Civil War, the Howard College Campus in Marion, Alabama was transformed into a hospital. The Special Collection is lucky enough to house two of the prescription books for the hospital. 


The first book chronicles Ward C for the period of September 24, 1863 until October 8, 1863. 

The second book begins in June 16th 1864. Each page covers an entire week of time in the hospital. The names of the patients are on the far left and their daily treatments go across the page.

While the first book is in quite good condition, the second book has what appears to be fire damage to the outer edge and some soot stains on the inner pages. Both books can be viewed in the Special Collection and are stored in SC 348. 

Text and Photographs Contributed by Rachel Cohen, Archivist of the Samford Special Collection

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