Thursday, January 23, 2014

135 years of Samford Service

Yesterday, Samford University held its annual employee awards luncheon, where faculty and staff  were recognized for their years of service to the University.

Among that group, members of the library family were honored for a combined 135 years of service!

Cheryl Cecil, Regina Coleman, and Tabitha Moore were each honored for 20 years of service, while 10 year service awards were presented to Beth Ashmore, Gail Barton, Jaro Szurek, and Joe Zellner.  Emily Allee and Kim Herndon received recognition for 5 years of service, as well.  Donna Fitch, who got her start in the library, now in Marketing and Communication, was honored for 25 years of service, so we're counting her, too.

We are blessed to have so many highly capable individuals here in the library who have dedicated their careers to serving Samford.  Congratulations to all of you!

From left to right:  Emily Allee, Beth Ashmore, Cheryl Cecil, Gail Barton, Tabitha Moore, Joe Zellner, Jaro Szurek, Regina Coleman, and Kim Herndon.

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