Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Story of Survival, Live @ the Library

"Of the families that boarded the doomed ocean liner Titanic in England in 1912, only one-fourth arrived safely in New York together.  Albert and Sylvia Caldwell and their ten-month-old son, Alden, were one of those families...

"Their ill-fated voyage on the Titanic was only one part of the Caldwells' intriguing adventure..." The "idealistic young missionaries" were fleeing Siam under suspicion of attempting to use "Sylvia's health as an excuse to renege on their contract and go home early."

Who:  Julie Hedgepeth Williams, author of A Rare Titanic Family
What:  Live @ the Library 2013
Where: Davis Library, Samford University
Why:  A true story of adventure, disaster, survival, and faith-- and Convo Credit is available!

Don't miss it!

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