Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SC's Favorite Things, Part Two

Only two days left until Samford's Special Collection and University Archives hosts their open house on October 31st, from 2 to 4pm.  The Open House is part of the Special Collection's recognition of American Archives Month, which honors the work of archivists and highlights the importance of archives in preserving history.

Here are some more of the favorite things of the amazing people who work in Samford's Special Collection.

Jennifer + Portrait of Julia Tarrant Barron
"This portrait of Julia Tarrant Barron is infamously known to many on campus. However, Julia, as the portrait is lovingly called by the Special Collection staff, is a favorite of mine in the collection. Regardless of the dark appearance of the portrait, Julia Tarrant Barron was a kind and generous leader in 19th century Alabama. She opened her home and shared her resources in order to help start Judson College, Howard College (now Samford University) and The Alabama Baptist newspaper. Julia Barron was a wealthy woman who gave all she had to give to the Baptists of Alabama.  When she died, she died a pauper.  Without her, we would not exist as we are today." – Jennifer Taylor, Chair of the Special Collection

Emma + Civil War era traveling surgical kit
"It’s sort of a creepy piece, but that might be why I like it. The medical kit is so beautifully boxed and shows a piece of how life was in the past." – Emma Mcquiston, Student Assistant

Kalyn + Godey's Ladies' Book
"I like the Godey’s Lady book, because it is the precursor to modern fashion magazines."-- Kalyn Fuller, Student Assistant

The final installment of our Favorite Things will be up tomorrow.  Don't miss this slice of history.

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