Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wednesday: ALFA Presentation Room

ALFA Presentation Room

Did you know there's a place in the library specifically so students can practice class presentations?

In February, Samford dedicated its new ALFA Practice Presentation in library room 214. With funding from the ALFA Foundation, the facility was renovated and outfitted with the latest technology to help students practice and refine presentations for classes, seminars, conferences and thesis defense. In addition to dedicated recording software, the room features an automatic screen, projector, video camera and confidence monitor.

Although the room is reserved for student use, this open house will introduce the facility to the entire university community and public. For more information, visit our exhibits page.
Please join us Thursday between 10-11 am, for the open house.
Popcorn will also be served on the Library Porch from 10-11.

This year National Library Week is all about how Communities matter @ your library. Gifts to the University Library provide valuable opportunities for enhancements to existing library resources and services. Developing and maintaining a scholarly library and center for learning now and in the future is a long-range enterprise that requires a wide base of support to ensure preservation of and access to key information resources for scholarship. The Samford University Library has been the beneficiary of many generous gifts through the years that have enabled it to provide additional key resources that significantly enhance our offerings that nurture persons learning and knowledge in direct support of the mission of the institution.
This week we highlight five gifts: ALFA Presentation Room; The Saint John's Bible, Heritage edition; The Pilgrim's Choice and other hymnals; C.S. Lewis and other fictional works; and the Hellenic Scholars' Library.

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Marcos Duarte said...

This is a spectacular room. I have heard many students ask for this room, because it's their new favorite! I will be at the presentation today. I look forward to it!