Friday, March 29, 2013

Blessed Is the Name

"Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!"

 As we begin this (mostly) sunny Easter weekend, we have also been doing some Spring cleaning. 
You'll notice a new display by the Mace of a beautifully illuminated Bible. 
This is the St. John's Bible, a seven-volume work of art in ancient illumination, calligraphy, and modern sensibilities, all to glorify the Word of God. 

The image above is from Luke 23, the Crucifixion. The St. John's website describes it, saying:
"The use of gold conveys the idea of God manifesting himself in His divine love for humanity, represented by the crowd below. Luke’s gospel recounts that darkness covered the earth for three hours, indicated here by the night sky, and that the curtain of the temple, shown as shreds of purple, was torn in two. The contrast of pain with the glory of gold relates this image to current theological discussions concerning the meaning of the Crucifixion in the contemporary world."

Watch for more features from the newest addition to the Samford Family over the next weeks.

Hosanna in the Highest. Save me, Lord. 

Have a wonderful Easter holiday, 

Marliese Thomas
User Engagement Librarian 

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