Monday, December 13, 2010


With thanks to George Atchley, Director of Samford's Christenberry Planetarium:

"Tonight and Thursday night at 7:00 pm the Christenberry Planetarium will feature the Star of Bethlehem, an annual presentation about a possible natural explanation for the star seen by the Magi in the Gospel of Matthew.

Admission is free and no reservations are required. The show is suitable for family viewing, but some younger children may get a little restless.

Also, tonight enjoy the best meteor shower of the year, the Geminids. Already in progress as the sun sets, a first quarter moon will outshine some of the meteors early, but these are the brightest of meteors, so clear skies promise some real eye candy.

With wind chills in the teens, bundle up and go to the darkest area you can find. Shield yourself from moonlight and give yourself 20 minutes to dark adapt by avoiding all white light (windows, cars and flashlights).

If you wait until the moon sets at midnight, experts predict 100-140 meteors per hour. For seeing that frequency, however, you’ll need truly dark skies."

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