Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our ebook collection is constantly growing. Most of the newest titles available to the Samford community exist in ebook format. One of the benefits of the ebook is users' ability to use them from any location in which they have Internet access. That means Starbucks, a dorm room, or during a weekend visit home.

Recently, a student asked how she could perform a search for ebooks specifically. We have an app for that. Well, not exactly. We have a procedure, and it's really easy.

Go to

Scroll over the "find books" link, which is the first link on that page.

Notice the items that pop up from the flyout menu. The fourth item from the bottom is titled "NetLibrary."

Choose "NetLibrary."

You will always be prompted for your user name and password, whether you are on or off campus. That name and password are the same as those you use for email.

Once you have accessed NetLibrary, you can perform searches by keyword, title, author and subject, just as you do in the library catalog.

NetLibrary allows users to print limited numbers of pages over the span of an hour. It does not allow you to print out an entire book at one time. You will need to do at least some of your reading on your computer screen. This process can take some time for adjustment of your reading process, something I'm coming to grips with myself. It's very much worth our time to do this, since NetLibrary contains many current titles on a very wide variety of subjects. To get an idea of just how many, click here to view the most recent list of new titles.

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